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This is a grassroots web site striving to assist customers and business partners in their efforts to find information across the Lenovo and IBM websites.
This is a best effort, use at your own risk website.

Configuration Tools

Configuration and Options Guide [CoG] (paper configuration tool)
            Monthly updated document. Useful for research and to see options not surfaced up by the wizards in the computerized tools.

Standalone Solutions Configuration Tool [SSCT] (installable config tool)
            Build to order configurations only
            Save as .tp3 and export as .xls

Online Configuration Tool [LESC]
            - Configurator Mode: Preconfigured (TopSeller) = Build to Order (BTO)
            - Configurator Mode: Configure to Order (CTO) = Lenovo factory built, fully customized
            Save all as .zip (includes .xls)

xREF and PSREF documents (chipset details, some part numbers)
            System x -
            ThinkServer -

Lenovo ToolsCenter


- ServerGuide (sunsetting)
- Bootable Media Creator [BoMC] (pre-install firmware updates from a bootable image)

- Advanced Settings Utility [ASU] (CLI for UEFI settings)
- MegaRAID Storage Manager [MSM] (in-OS raid card tools)

- Bootable Media Creator [BoMC] (10gigE firmware updates, out of OS updates)
- Update Express System Pack [UXSPI] (in OS updates of firmware and drivers)

Whitepapers and other documents

            - “Product Guide” documents for product whitepapers
            (i.e. search type: product guide, term: x3650)          
            - Reference architecture guides
            (i.e. search type: reference architecture, term: Nutanix)

Warranty information

Warranty Lookup
                For those who recall the old IBM site, this no longer surfaces up the list of factory installed parts.
                That is no longer available on external websites.

Warranty policy information

Warranty extensions and upgrades

Support information

Support website

Support phone number

More details available in the Lenovo Support Plan [LSP], and solution specific addendums to the LSP (HANA, HPC, Storage, others). As of this publication, those files are not available on an external website.

Feature on Demand

Feature on Demand [FoD] guide

Feature on Demand support team email

Feature on Demand registration websites
    (if geo restrictions block the primary site)

xClarity systems management

xClarity Administration and Planning Guide

xClarity download
            The same code is used for trial and production.

xClarity Adminsitrator whitepaper

xClarity Demo

Parts for post-warranty and End of Life (EOL) products

ELP - Extended Life Program – server focus

OCP - Options Continuation Program – client focus

IBM Parts

Video presentations, tech talks, etc

Technical Sales Team Brown Bag and Foundational series recordings

Lenovo North America x86 Virtual User Group